Collection: Riyad Ne'emah

Born In: Baghdad, Iraq (1968)

Lives In: Beirut, Lebanon

Background: Born in 1968 in Baghdad, Iraq, Riyadh Ne’emah obtained his B.A. in Fine Arts with a specialization in Painting in 1992. Amid the upheaval of Saddam Hussein's rule and his attempts at totalitarian control in Iraq, Ne’emah belongs to a generation of visual artists who joined forces in a potent movement of contemporary Iraqi art. Together, they sought creative liberation, pushing against the constraints enforced by the oppressive regime.

Style & Media: Riyadh Ne'emah's artistic creations showcase striking juxtapositions of colour, featuring crisp and unpredictable lines, while the paint itself takes on a distinctly lyrical quality. Thus, his canvases, characterised by abstraction and unpredictability, resemble musical compositions. The interplay of dynamic brushstrokes, subdued colour palettes, and enigmatic subjects, elicit a profound sense of self-reflection and nostalgia for a bygone childhood.

Themes: Within the nuanced realm of his artistic dialogue, Ne'emah crafts evocative and enigmatic narratives that unravel the complex saga of his nation, fractured by isolation and a labyrinthine political milieu. Within the tempest of human suffering and profound loss, Ne'emah undertakes a profound exploration, seeking the resurgence of identity. Through the alchemy of paint, he breathes vitality back into humanity, transcending the confines of colours to reflect the profound interplay between individual identity and the broader human experience.

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Riyad Ne'emah