Collection: Oroubah Dieb

Born In: Damascus, Syria (1968)

Lives In: Paris, France

Background: Born in 1968 in Damascus, Syria, Oroubah Dieb is a visual artist who graduated from the Adham Ismael Center for Plastic Arts in 1989 and the Institute of Applied Arts, Sculpture Department, in 1991. Throughout her career, she has explored various artistic mediums and showcased her works in art galleries globally. Married to Hammoud Chantout, a fellow member of the Marsoum Art Collective, Oroubah has collaborated with him on joint exhibitions. Notably, she has been actively involved in aid and prevention projects within refugee camps in Lebanon, alongside conducting workshops for children.

Style & Media: Oroubah Dieb's artistic style combines intricate collage techniques with a deep understanding of color, form, and composition. She works across various media, including painting, sculpture, collage, digital art, and installations, showcasing a versatile approach that allows her to explore diverse themes and concepts. Dieb's use of mixed materials adds layers of meaning and depth to her artwork, inviting viewers to engage with her pieces on multiple levels.

Themes: Themes in Oroubah Dieb's work often center around the human experience, with a particular focus on the lives of women and children in exile or refugee situations. Her art delves into themes of displacement, identity, resilience, and the search for belonging. Dieb's pieces often convey poignant narratives of hope, struggle, and the universal human desire for connection and understanding amidst challenging circumstances.

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Oroubah Dieb (Syria) ∙ Untitled 6 (2019)