Collection: Nadia Flaih

Born In: Baghdad, Iraq (1967)

Lives In: Baghdad, Iraq

Background: Nadia Flaih, an Iraqi artist born in Baghdad in 1967, showcases a profound resistance to tyranny through her art. Flaih's work embodies a silent protest against the injustices endured by the Iraqi population, transforming crushing psychological experiences into beauty on her canvases. Flaih invites viewers to engage in a dialogue that bridges divides and illuminates humanity.

Style & Media: Nadia Flaih's artistic style is characterized by a poignant blend of graphic design and fine art techniques, showcasing a mastery of form and composition. Her utilization of varied materials, encompassing palm leaves, fibres, threads, and acrylic colours, mirrors a profoundly personal journey of self-discovery and fortitude amidst the framework of modern Iraqi society. Her exhibitions, ranging from solo showcases like "I" at the Bronze Art Gallery in Baghdad to collaborative displays at the "Contemporary Artists from Iraq" art exhibition, held at the Ras Al-Ain Gallery in Amman, showcase a consistent dedication to delving into the intricate tapestry of human experience. Her artistic narrative seamlessly navigates between local and international contexts, offering a nuanced exploration of the complexities that shape our lives.

Themes: Nadia Flaih's art encapsulates themes of identity, resilience, and societal struggle, reflecting her personal experiences and observations within Iraq. Through her work, she navigates the complexities of psychological and societal pressures, offering an evoking commentary on the human condition and the enduring quest for self-expression amidst adversity.

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Nadia Flaih