Collection: Dr. Khalid Al-Qassab

Born In: Baghdad, Iraq, 1924

Deceased: Amman, Jordan, 2004

Background: Dr. Al-Qassab's academic journey commenced with his graduation from Medical School in 1946. His pursuit of excellence led to prestigious fellowships, including one from the Royal College of Surgeons in London (1954) and another at New York's Memorial Hospital to specialise in cancer surgery (1958). Remarkably, alongside his medical studies, he nurtured a deep-seated passion for the world of art.

Style & Media: In his artistic portfolio, Dr. Khalid Al-Qassab skilfully employed watercolours and oil paints, showcasing a diverse range of styles. From his evocative portrayal of pastoral scenes to his stunning use of vibrant colours in his still-life masterpieces, his work resonates with both versatility and dept.

Themes: In Dr. Khalid Al-Qassab's artistic tapestry, we find a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, evoking the rich artistic legacy of Ancient Mesopotamia and Islamic art. His work seamlessly integrates Western art influences, often juxtaposing Islamic themes with Byzantine motifs or reimagining Assyrian bas-reliefs to create monumental masterpieces. Al-Qassab's artistic vision is distinctly Iraqi, designed to inspire his fellow countrymen and women, offering them not only admiration but a profound connection to their unique reality. His canvases are infused with the spirit of the Iraqi land, vividly painted with its authentic colours.

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KhaledAl-QassabAcryliconcanvas80x55cm1998_3_8000jd  1600 × 1054px  Khalid Al-Qassab Iraq ∙ Untitled 1 1998 marsoum