Saddam Jumaily - Artist Bio

An artwork by Iraqi artist and author Saddam Jumaily

An artwork by Iraqi artist and author Saddam Jumaily

In a Few Words

Born In: Basra, Iraq

Lives In: Helsinki, Finland

Background: An award winning author, lecturer, painter and sculptor.

Style: Regardless of what form of art he creates, Jumaily's works are characterized by their depth and philosophical nature.

Themes: Memory and nostalgia.

In a Few More Words

In 2000 Jumaily received his Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts (Painting) at Basra University College of Fine Arts in Iraq, where he also completed his Master’s in Art. His work and way of thinking was very much admired by the university, where he later became a respected lecturer.

Although he is a well - respected painter, Jumaily is both an editor and writer and has worked for several publications in Iraq, as well as for other Arab-language newspapers and magazines. The art which he offers is a depiction of the ongoing chaos that the people of his region have experienced in the last two decades.

Jumaily and his family were forced to flee from Iraq due to religious fundamentalist groups accusing him of advocating atheism. Having to move from country to country has heightened the artist’s inclination towards nostalgia since he has so often longed for a sense of belonging. He is currently based in Finland where continues his passion for artistic work, under indeterminate circumstances. 

Key Exhibitions

Secret Cards, Collaboration with the Royal College of Art, Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE (2016)

Dialogue Degree Zero - Part II, Artsawa Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE (2014)

Dialogue Degree Zero, Artsawa Gallery, Dubai, UAE (2013)

Daily Life, Orfali Gallery, Amman, Jordan (2013)

Household Tunes, Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan (2011)