Mohammad Nasrallah - Artist Bio

A piece created by Palestinian artist Mohammad Nasrallah

A piece created by Palestinian artist Mohammad Nasrallah

In a Few Words

Born In: Al- Wehdat Palestinian Refugee Camp, Amman, Jordan

Lives In: Amman, Jordan

Background: One of the first Jordanian artists to adopt the expressionistic style, occasionally venturing into abstraction and symbolism.

Style: A neat and simplistic technique. Colours are exemplified through heavily textured portions and forms, then blended by large applications of organic pigmented brush strokes or bleeding lines.

Themes: Daily human and visual surroundings, including the Palestinian cause. 

In a Few More Words

Nassralla’s interest in art began when he was a child; he is and was heavily influenced by his daily surroundings and the reality of people's situations. Being Palestinian himself, the Palestinian cause is a theme that is ubiquitously found in his artwork as it is indefinitely an inspiration for him.

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amman and holds a diploma in Fine Arts from the Spanish Cultural Center in Amman. Nasrallah eventually branched off from the common artistic world that he was taught and created his own style. This liberated him from the conventional academia artistic way of thinking, and allowed him to base his artistic expressions on not only emotions but from a humanitarian point of view as well.

Nasrallah continuously emphasizes the strength of the colours he works with and is one of the first few artists who work with the technique of scraping a pictorial surface using a variant number of tools; in fact, this is what he is famous for since the launch of his plastic experiment. The latter is what distinguishes the artist from so many others, along with the simple colours he uses that are carefully studied on the surface of his paintings that allow for his masterpieces to come together effortlessly.

“The painting that does not overflow with freedom has failed humanity on the level of art and the level of visibility in any part of the world.” - Mohammad Nasrallah

Key Exhibitions

Since 1989 Mohammad has held 12 solo exhibitions and has participated in various group shows in galleries and biennales all over the world.