Bader Mahasneh - Artist Bio

jordanian artist bader mahanseh in his studio

Bader Mahasneh


In a Few Words

Born in: Jerash, Jordan

Lives In: Amman, Jordan

Background: Although he holds a law degree, Bader Mahasneh’s true passion is art.

Style & Media: Bader has experimented with several media and continues to produce paintings, sculptures and photographs till this day.

Themes: The human figure’s transformation through time and media. 

In a Few More Words

Bader Mahasneh is an artist of several disciplines. He is a painter, photographer and sculptor. Mahasneh was born in the historic city of Jerash in Jordan in 1977. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in law from Yarmuk University in 2001. Despite this impressive credential and the lucrative career that could have accompanied it, Bader decided to dedicate himself to creating art instead.

Bader Mahasneh has been working with various mediums to explore the aesthetic values of the human figure in its transformation through media and time

Over the course of his career, Bader Mahasneh has participated in several printmaking workshops at Jordan’s National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman. Mahasneh has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions all around the world. He has also headed over 10 solo exhibitions in cities that include Amman, Dubai and Munich. Mahasneh lives and works in Amman.

Key Exhibitions

2002, The French Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan

2007, The Orient gallery, Amman, Jordan

2010, Exposures, at Jacaranda Images, Amman, Jordan

2012, Vindemia Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2013, Metamorphoto at Wolkonsky Gallery, Munich, Germany