Adel Bentounsi - Artist Bio

Adel Bentounsi

Adel Bentounsi

In a Few Words
Born In: Algiers, Algeria
Lives In: Paris, France
Background: Emerging talent with exhibitions across Europe, Canada, Africa & beyond
Style & Media: An interdisciplinary artist with a diverse set of media
Themes: A never-ending exploration of existential, moral and social questions

In a Few More Words

Adel Bentounsi is a contemporary visual artist whose work involves a multitude of media such as photography, video, installations, performance art, graphic art, drawing and painting. He justifies the broadness of his media by stating that “each artwork needs a specific medium, much in the same way that a child needs its mother”.

Adel was born in 1982 in Algeria. He attended the School of Fine Arts in Annaba, where he obtained his Artistic Diploma in 2007. He also attended the Dunkerque Institute of Higher Education in 2013.

His approach consists of answering existential questions, as well as examining the values of morality as part of an exploration of social norms and behaviors. Adel believes that artistic acts are driven by a fear arising from our instability, one that pushes us beyond our limits and allows us to turn that fear into wonderful creations.

Key Exhibitions

2018   BIND, Biennale de Dessin, Dakar, Senegal (Solo)

2018   RASM, Expo Dessin musée d'art moderne, Algiers, Algeria (Group)

2017   Les Ateliers Sauvages/Wassyla Tamzaly at Galerie MEKIC Montréal, QC, Canada (Solo)

2017   Beirut Biennale of Contemporary Art, Beirut, Lebanon (Solo)

2016   Les Ateliers Sauvages/Wassyla Tamzaly at Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon (Solo)

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