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Oroubah Dieb: A Syrian Artist's Stunning Collages Capture Her Hope For a Displaced Population
Syrian sculptor and painter Oroubah Dieb recounts the moving tale of her displacement from Syria and how she uses her work as a way of raising awareness for those less fortunate. “My art is incredibly personal in its topics. Before the uprising in Syria, I portrayed social subjects like maternity, love, and dancing. Nowadays, a lot of my art embodies the experience of living in exile that refugees are forced to face. My paintings depict the dramatic situations that are borne of population displacement and migration”.
Arab Art From a Woman’s Perspective: Changing the Narrative and Redefining Art
In celebration of Women's History Month, we have profiled five groundbreaking women that have redefined what it means to be an artist. Using their emotions and unique life experiences to drive stories from around the world, these five female storytellers chose art as their platform to shed a spotlight on tales of hope and social justice. Learn more about Eman Haram, Heba Al Akkad, Ghadeer Saeed, Oroubah Dieb and Bente Christensen-Ernst.

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