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A Quick Coffee Chat with Bente Christensen-Ernst
This quick coffee chat with Danish Painter Bente Christensen-Ernst captures so much in such little time. In this rapid interview, Bente shares some little-known facts about her start as an artist, as well as her aspirations and some of her proudest moments as an artist.
An Exploration of Modern Arab Art

In celebration of the launch of our Modern Masters Collection, we explore how Modern Arab art evolved from the colonial era into the post-colonial world, and further into the present day. Arab art has a rich and diverse history, despite its being relatively under-appreciated on the global scene. Much like its global counterparts, Arab art has reflected the cultural, political, and social changes of the Arab World over the course of centuries. 

Oroubah Dieb: A Syrian Artist's Stunning Collages Capture Her Hope For a Displaced Population
Syrian sculptor and painter Oroubah Dieb recounts the moving tale of her displacement from Syria and how she uses her work as a way of raising awareness for those less fortunate. “My art is incredibly personal in its topics. Before the uprising in Syria, I portrayed social subjects like maternity, love, and dancing. Nowadays, a lot of my art embodies the experience of living in exile that refugees are forced to face. My paintings depict the dramatic situations that are borne of population displacement and migration”.
Hassan Massoudy: Mastering Storytelling through Calligraphy
Master Arabic Calligraphy artist Hassan Massoudy is one of the world’s most influential forces in Arabic calligraphy today. Learn all about Massoudy's explorative career, artistic experimentation, and varied sources of inspiration in this exclusive profile!
Celebrating Body Positivity with our Latest Exhibition: "Earthshine" by Yafa Gowaily & Kaiser Moussa
Yafa Gowaily and Kaiser Moussa are excited to present “Earthshine”, their first online exhibition. This stream of new artworks was created with love, harmony, and a pure desire to portray the body’s natural beauty through exuberant and blissful colors. “Earthshine” launched virtually through a panel with the artists and Abdulah, the founder of Marsoum Art Collective on Monday June 21, 2021 at 8 p.m. EST. You can watch a replay of the virtual vernissage in this entry.
The Art of Hammoud Chantout (In His Own Words)

We caught up with one of our most celebrated painters, Hammoud Chantout to ask him about his artistic journey. Hammoud ended up sharing surprising anecdotes from his childhood, recounts of his first attempts at breathing life into the images in his mind, and an insightful dive into the language of his paintbrush.

Learn more about Hammoud Chantout in this exclusive expose.

Arab Art From a Woman’s Perspective: Changing the Narrative and Redefining Art
In celebration of Women's History Month, we have profiled five groundbreaking women that have redefined what it means to be an artist. Using their emotions and unique life experiences to drive stories from around the world, these five female storytellers chose art as their platform to shed a spotlight on tales of hope and social justice. Learn more about Eman Haram, Heba Al Akkad, Ghadeer Saeed, Oroubah Dieb and Bente Christensen-Ernst.
Inside the Mystical Mind of Egyptian Artist Hady Boraey

Egyptian artist Hady Boraey has managed to evoke various feelings in the hearts of his audience. Every unique piece of art he has crafted is accompanied by fine reality and a grain of imagination.

Using painting as his medium, and drawing inspiration from his country, award-winning Egyptian painter, Hady Boraey, allows us to explore the depths of his mind while taking us on a journey of self-discovery and self-finding.

Learn more about Hady Boraey in this expose.

Introducing Qahtan Alameen: The Image Between the Present and the Past
In a guest post visual artist Karim Risan, we introduce you to the world of Qahtan Alameen, where the present and the past come together so seamlessly yet at odds with one another. Qahtan’s latest project “Comfort In Chaos” launches on on Nov. 7, 2020.
Going Online and “In Between The Lines” at Virtual Papier with Adel Bentounsi
Adel’s Thought Provoking Series Featured at the Inaugural Edition of Virtual Papier and on the AR Collecting app from June 4 to 21, 2020 During this unique point in human history, artists, gallerists and institutions have all been striving to...
The Pursuit of the Perfect Medium: A Conversation with Adel Bentounsi
We sat down for a chat with Adel Bentounsi, a vibrant and dynamic multidisciplinary visual artist. Adel is originally from Algeria and currently resides in Paris, France. In this interview, we immersed ourselves in Adel’s world by asking him just about everything. We covered Adel’s origins and early career, his approach and process, along with some fascinating anecdotes about his personal life.
Video & Transcript: An Interview with Mouneer Al-Shaarani in Beirut, 2014
Mouneer Al-Shaarani talks to Lebanon's Mustaqbal TV. Excerpt: "My life’s work has a purpose that goes far beyond creating beautiful artworks. My is goal  to bring Arabic calligraphy back to basics, to honor its origins and keep it true to its essence while applying a contemporary lens to it."
Video: An Interview with Bente Christensen-Ernst (2011)
Marsoum Art Collective presents an exclusive interview with Danish painter Bente Christensen-Ernst in Beirut on Lebanon's Mustaqbal TV in 2011 to coincide with her first exhibition in Lebanon. English subtitles by (2018). 
"Realisme Orientale": The Universe of Bente Christensen-Ernst by Tom Jørgensen

Author and art critic Tom Jørgensen dives into the Universe of Bente Christensen-Ernst. Excerpt: "When looking at the art of Bente Christensen-Ernst one is not left in doubt. Although being a Danish citizen, her realism is the southern type. She is an "Easternised" Scandinavian. And this is meant as a compliment."

In The Press: Ghadeer Saeed's Online Exhibition "Violet" in The Jordan Times
Saeed’s creations in “Violet” offer a complex picture made of layers of influences that encompass iconic Oriental figures, global images and old photographs, eventually reflecting the richness she accumulated throughout her personal travelling experience. 
Introducing Ghadeer Saeed
Meet Ghadeer Saeed, a digital collage artist Ghadeer Saeed of the Palestinian Diaspora that works and lives in Amman, Jordan. Ghadeer’s background in architecture is reflected in the linear nature of the tens or hundreds of layers in her digital collages. Learn more in this Journal entry!
Introducing: Bente Christensen-Ernst by Art Historian Paula Domzalski MA
Bente Christensen-Ernst does not invite us into her world meekly. Her hyper-realist, in-your-face images defy any guessing- games or sense of ambiguity. They command attention and will not be overlooked. Party to a present-day world of very speedy image-consumption, the onlookerdelights in the gratification of instant recognisability. One glance and we’ve passed the threshold into a mimetic world.
World Arabic Language Day & The Work of Mouneer Al-Shaarani

On December 18th, the Arabic language is celebrated in all its glory. The language is commemorated and appreciated for its richness as a pillar of cultural diversity. One artist with a deep appreciation for the Arabic script is the internationally acclaimed Mouneer Al-Shaarani, who uses calligraphy art to inspire the people of his nation in Syria. By creating highly intellectual work that reflects his interest in modern poetry and literature, as well as Islamic, Christian and Sufi philosophy, Al Shaarani creates art for people to connect with and feel.

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