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An Exploration of Modern Arab Art

In celebration of the launch of our Modern Masters Collection, we explore how Modern Arab art evolved from the colonial era into the post-colonial world, and further into the present day. Arab art has a rich and diverse history, despite its being relatively under-appreciated on the global scene. Much like its global counterparts, Arab art has reflected the cultural, political, and social changes of the Arab World over the course of centuries. 

Delve Into Paris’s Mystical Arab Art Scene: Where the Arab World and the City of Light Meet

Despite the French capital's lustrous reputation for being a hub for romantics, Paris is not just made for lovers. Paris is renowned for its art, fashion, and abundance of tourist attractions. Whether you’re there to try the food or attend a fashion show, Paris’s whimsical appeal is bound to win you over. So, if you’re an aesthete and have an appreciation for oriental art in particular, then get ready for a journey into the Arab world without stepping outside the capital!

The Art Lover’s Guide to Jabal Al Weibdeh, Amman, Jordan

Jabal Al Weibdeh's rich artistic heritage and beautiful galleries have crowned it as the ultimate art district in Amman. Here is a guide to the best galleries & museums for art lovers in Jabal Al Weibdeh, including Dar Al-Anda, Darat Al Funun & The National Gallery of Fine Arts.

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