Ghadeer Saeed (Jordan) ∙ Moonlight (2017)

Ghadeer Saeed (Jordan) ∙ Moonlight (2017)


Moonlight (2017) from the Violet series by Ghadeer Saeed

Giclée print on antique textbook paper

Edition 1/7

26.8*16 in.

68*41 cm

Ships from: Amman, Jordan 

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Artist’s Commentary:

This artwork portrays an environment consisting of dozens of interlaced images and texts that are harmonious with the girl’s photograph, resulting in an imaginary scene from another time.

The Violet Series Manifesto:

“We come to silence from different languages, through different avenues” - Pablo Neruda

Between lips and a deep ocean and a seasoned madman of secret stories and silent argument, a stray tune traveling through time and space, swinging between attractiveness and aggressiveness, between intimacy and dreariness on ancient paper weighed by words.

And let it be what it once was.. a mysterious silence, attractive at times, and sarcastically rebellious at other times.

For violet has this special blend that ousts the silence of the world and its madness. 

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