Ghadeer Saeed (Jordan) ∙ Beyond The Eyes (2017)

Ghadeer Saeed (Jordan) ∙ Beyond The Eyes (2017)


Beyond The Eyes (2017) from the Violet series by Ghadeer Saeed

Giclée print on antique textbook paper

Unlimited editions

15.9*11 in.

40.5*29 cm

Ships from: Amman, Jordan 

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Artist’s Commentary:

The mysterious and firm stare of the girl in this image was the source of inspiration for the fluid and striking visual composition of the artwork.

The Violet Series Manifesto:

“We come to silence from different languages, through different avenues” - Pablo Neruda

Between lips and a deep ocean and a seasoned madman of secret stories and silent argument, a stray tune traveling through time and space, swinging between attractiveness and aggressiveness, between intimacy and dreariness on ancient paper weighed by words.

And let it be what it once was.. a mysterious silence, attractive at times, and sarcastically rebellious at other times.

For violet has this special blend that ousts the silence of the world and its madness.