Adel Bentounsi (Algeria) ∙ untitled (In Between series) ii/ix (2018)

Adel Bentounsi (Algeria) ∙ untitled (In Between series) ii/ix (2018)


untitled (In Between series) ii/ix (2018) by Adel Bentounsi
Mixed media on paper
This is a unique work
11.0*8.1 in.
28*20.5 cm

  • This unique artwork is represented by several photos in different lighting situations in order to showcase the reflective qualities of the gold & silver paint. The paper’s normal appearance is white, not gray.

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Artist’s Commentary on The In Between Series:

“The artworks that I create usually involve reproducing various moments that I perceive over the course of my daily life. These are delicate, sensitive situations that both trouble me and evoke my curiosity. Through my drawings, I reinterpret these moments in a subtle, delicate and hesitant way. This is because I draw to ask questions, ones that are much more existential than they are vital.”

Original French Text by Adel Bentounsi

Le travail de dessin que je fais souvent consiste à reproduire les différant situation qui me percute et me frappe dans mon quotidien que j’estime sensible et délicat des images qui m’interpelé et m’interroge que je reproduis et que je réinterprète par la suite d’une manière subtile, délicate et hésitante. Car je pense que je dessine pour poser des questions, des questions qui sont beaucoup plus existentielle que vitale.   

- Adel Bentounsi, 2018