Qahtan Alameen

Qahtan Alameen

Qahtan Alameen

In A Few Words

Born In: Baghdad, Iraq

Lives In: Toronto, ON, Canada

Background: A philanthropist/artist with an established presence in private collections globally 

Style & Media: Dali-influenced dreamscapes of the digital era

Themes: Inspired by his dreams of cool, colorful oceans populated by magical fish, whales, and other sea creatures

In a Few More Words

Qahtan Alameen says that he frequently has dreams of cool, colorful oceans populated by magical fish, whales, and other sea creatures. That naïveté can be observed in his elaborate graphic prints.

Alameen was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Baghdad. He relocated to Canada in 2002 where he studied photography at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He went on to earn a Diploma in Graphic Design from Compu College, Halifax, in 2006.

Alameen has extensive experience in creating, designing, preparing, and repairing artwork utilizing traditional materials. He is also a proficient digital artist. Some of his works are featured in collections at the Art Center for Fine Arts in Baghdad, Iraq and the Canadian Immigration Art Center in Halifax, NS, Canada.

He has spent time volunteering as a Fine Arts teacher with the United Nations Refugee Services, Jakarta, Indonesia, where he taught painting and drawing to refugee children.

Key Exhibitions 

2015    The Craig Gallery, Halifax, NS, Canada

2015    Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2013    Kalyste Art Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia

2012    Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, NS, Canada

2010    Hub Gallery, Halifax, NS, Canada