Contemporary Western Asian, Middle Eastern & African Art

Manifesto: is an online gallery and platform for artists to come together and illuminate, portray, and curate, a different narrative of the Middle East.

It is a space where this rich heritage is finely portrayed through artful ways of expression.

It is a space where the story is transformed into hope and peace. was conceptually inspired by those artists who are using art form as a means to decipher a new image – and ultimately for those who are seeking the hopeful version of the story. 



Stories and images emerging from the Middle East are generally ones of turmoil, hardships, and of a war stricken region…

Populations forced to flee their homes, barefoot children growing up in refugee camps, and immigrants flooding European cities... These are the one-sided stories media outlets choose to cover time and time again. 

Qahtan-Alameen-Today-and Yesterday.jpg

That is where comes in, with an aim to change the narrative.

Despite the many troubles the region is faced with, somewhere along the narrow cobblestone streets there is hope manifesting itself in the form of art. Dotted with rustic homes and beautiful windows, bougainvilleas, and beckoning cafes, your ears are drawn to the melody of conversations occurring in a multitude of languages. You catch on to a newfound atmosphere nestled with hope, creativity, and character. This is a mélange of roots dating back over thousands of years, and home to the Cradle of Civilization, and a generation constructing itself into idyllic and unique expression.  


As a result of the situation in the Middle East, people have compelling stories that manifest themselves in the form of visual arts.

A promising new generation is changing the conversation from resentment, to artful ways of expression and idealism. was conceptually inspired by those artists who are using art form as a means to decipher a new image of the Middle East. They’re the people who are altering the story. The ones who are using art to start a new dialogue, create a new vision, and build a new freedom. They’re the ones who are using art to fight back with hope and peace. 

Bridging Eastern art with Western culture, is an online art gallery adopting emerging artists from the Middle East and bringing you their sublime artwork right to your doorstep. is a portal for exposure, and awareness. It is home to some of the most profound art coming out of the Middle East, but equally as important, it is a space for artists to call home.