Marsoum’s Partners

We were conceived as a people-before-profits collective. With that commitment, we take harboring a sense of community very seriously. We partner with the following galleries and NGOs whose missions align with ours.


Visualizing Impact

Visualizing Impact (VI) is a laboratory for innovation at the intersection of data science, technology, and design. VI creates impactful tools highlighting critical social issues around the world. Most notably, VI is known for its first portfolio, Visualizing Palestine (VP). VP creates data-driven tools to promote a factual, rights-based narrative of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. partners with VI by contributing 5% of its net proceeds to Visualizing Impact, which operates as a registered non-profit in Canada and operates as a 501(c)(3) in the US via a fiscal sponsorship. We are proud to have partnered up with Visualizing Palestine for our inaugural exhibition, A National Monument with works by Marwan Rechmaoui,


Dar Al-Anda

With a name translates into “home of the giving”, this 20 year old institution has lived up to its promise of enriching the lives of its patrons, employees and community by giving them the opportunity to experience art in all of its forms. Dar Al-Anda promotes and exhibits visual arts originating from or inspired by the Middle East & North Africa. partners with Dar Al-Anda by enlisting the assistance of its Founder in curating artworks & identifying emerging talent. It currently stands are our primary partner gallery.

Interested in becoming a partner?