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In a Few Words

Born In: Cairo, Egypt (1970)

Lives In: Alexandria, Egypt

Background: Renowned Egyptian artist Sahar Al-Amir, born in 1970, stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of visual arts, holding a Bachelor's Degree from Alexandria University's Faculty of Fine Arts in 1993. Her artistic influence extends across prominent venues, with notable exhibitions at Cairo Atelier, Alexandrian Atelier, and the Cairo Opera House. Particularly noteworthy are Al-Amir's solo showcases at the Ubuntu Art Gallery in Cairo, captivating audiences in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020, and 2022. This varied exhibition history illuminates Al-Amir's substantial impact on the dynamic art scene, providing viewers with a glimpse into the evolution of her artistic prowess over the years.

Style & Media: Distinguished as a Visual Artist, Al-Amir employs a diverse array of artistic techniques in her creations, skilfully navigating the use of oil and acrylic paints, drawings, and collages to craft a rich and varied artistic tapestry.

Themes: Al-Amir's artistic ideology goes beyond surface aesthetics, plunging into profound philosophical depths that distinguish her as a notable post-war & contemporary artist. Her unrestrained expression is evident in the diverse array of mediums and materials she employs, crafting a complex and varied artistic panorama.

In A Few More Words

Traversing the juncture where artistic brilliance intersects with profound philosophical inquiry, Sahar Al-Amir emerges as an artistic luminary, guiding spectators through the mysterious depths of existence. Hailing from Cairo, Egypt and born in 1970, the artist is equipped with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Alexandria University's Faculty of Fine Arts. Al-Amir's artistic trajectory took a transformative turn as she immersed herself in the sculpting ateliers of Italy, adding a distinctive layer to her creative evolution.

Sahar Al-Amir, a virtuoso in the visual arts, skillfully navigates the vast expanse of creative expression. Within her artistic domain, the canvas transforms into a lively stage for a myriad of techniques, effortlessly integrating mediums like oil and acrylic paints, drawing, and collages. Within the captivating weave of her artworks, the dynamic interplay of lively hues, forms and materials, reveals itself as a poetic unveiling—a genuine glimpse into the diverse spectrum of human experience. Drawing from her inner depths, Al-Amir's artistic pursuits emerge as deep symbols, each stroke and composition laden with contemplative richness. Breaking conventional confines, her artistic mastery skilfully intertwines memories into creations that serve as philosophical windows, prompting reflection on the ever-changing essence of existence.

Enveloped by the renowned Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery in Amman, Jordan, Sahar Al-Amir presented a compelling summons to attendees at her September 2023 exhibit. Venturing into a philosophical odyssey, she meticulously unveiled the symbolism of ostensibly ordinary 'shelves,' reshaping them into powerful emblems that crafted a narrative, exploring the intricate nuances of daily existence. Al-Amir adeptly entwined personal stories with the larger tapestry of collective consciousness, elevating these commonplace items into profound channels of significance.

 Sahar Al-Amir's portfolio is a testament to unmatched expertise, it reveals a collection of abstract masterpieces curated with meticulous care into distinct thematic compilations.

Key Exhibitions


Shelves, Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan (2023) 
The Upside Down Sky, Ubuntu Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt (2022)
Green Space, Ubuntu Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt (2020)


    Ubuntu Revisited VI, Ubuntu Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt (2022)
    Ubuntu Revisited V, Ubuntu Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt (2021)
    Ubuntu Revisited III, Ubuntu Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt (2019)