Fadi Yazigi - Artist Bio

An Artwork by Syrian artist Fadi Yazigi
Artwork by Syrian artist, Fadi Yazigi

In a Few Words

Born in: Damascus, Syria

Lives In: Damascus, Syria

Background: A painter and a sculptor turning everyday stories into ever-lasting pieces of art.  

Style & Media: He aims to inspect present issues with a pinch of the past and figures from another time.  

Themes: Mirroring social and real-life matters of humans, highlighting their emotions in sensible manners.

In a Few More Words

Fadi Yazigi is an observer. The world around him and the stories brought along with it are the muses he uses to create his craft. His story with art began at a young age when he began drawing. And as the little boy grew to become a young man, his love towards art and its tremendous power never wavered, instead it duplicated in magnitude. Consequently, he pursued a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Sculpture at Damascus University and graduated in 1988.

Being Syrian and having witnessed first-hand the devastating consequences of the war, it’s safe to say that many of his paintings and sculptures express narratives from the Arab society.

Unlike other artists, while Yazigi does draw inspiration from present matters and formulates them into creative contemporary pieces, he does it with a twist. Whether he’s drawing figures on rice papers or crafting intricate and detailed sculptures, his modern inspiration is embellished with historical features from the past such as ancient Babylonians, whose empire extended from Iraq into Syria.

Yazigi has long been inspired by the moments in life, whether little or big, fleeting or persistent. He aims for his art to mirror such events while speaking of persistence, hope, and resilience in the face of challenges and adversity.

He has participated in various exhibitions across the Arab world and parts of Europe to showcase his immaculate pieces that depict forgotten, occurring, and recurring tales one must never forget and instead continuously recall.

Key Exhibitions


Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon (2018)

Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait City, Kuwait (2018)

Drawings From The Arab World, L’Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France (2019)

Intersect 21, A Virtual Exhibition, Galerie Tanit, Beirut, Lebanon (2021)


Towards the Sublime, Galerie Tanit, Beirut, Lebanon (2019)