Eman Haram - Artist Bio

Damascene Rose, an Artwork by Eman Haram

“Damascene Rose” by Eman Haram

 In a Few Words

Born In: Damascus, Syria

Lives In: Montréal, QC, Canada / Amman, Jordan

Background: An interdisciplinary artist whose diverse life experience is made evident in the versatility of her media and subject matters.

Primary Themes: Home, Colonization, Erasure, Personal & Collective Memory.

Interested In: Disrupting the mythical paradigms that frame the world in polarizing, moralistic dichotomies: mind/body, reason/intuition, written/oral, civilized/primitive, reducing very complex and interconnected realms to mutually exclusive worlds. 

In a Few More Words

Born in Damascus, Syria to Palestinian parents from Haifa, Eman Haram is a visual artist of multiple identities and places of belonging. She grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and later moved to the United States where she studied and worked in New York, Florida and Washington, D.C. for two decades before moving to Canada.

Her work seeks to unlock latent time in the photographic image, and re-construct from residual fragments, personal and collective memories and histories, effaced through the violence of colonization and the passage of time. Recipient of Montreal’s Art Intercultural mentorship for 2009 in the category of the visual Arts. She works from Atelier Circulaire, one of the oldest print studios in Montreal, and currently lives between Montreal and Amman.

Eman's work has been exhibited publicly and featured in private collections, in Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Key Exhibitions

Amman Image Festival VII, Nabad Gallery, Amman Jordan (2018)

Oboro New Media Lab, Montréal, QC, Canada (2016)

Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (2015)

Darling Foundry, Montréal, QC, Canada (2015)

Iconographies, Image Festival Amman III, Amman, Jordan (2013)

Casa Arabe, Madrid, Spain (2011)

Aleppo 8th International Women’s Festival, Aleppo, Syria (2010)