Art For A Cause: Partners With Visualizing Impact

We at believe in using art to paint a different story. We are inspired by a collective of artists who are bridging the gap between Eastern art and Western culture, and are emerging to reshape the image of a devastated Middle East, through their own form of art and visual presentation.

This is why we are so proud to announce our new partnership with Visualizing Impact (VI). VI is a laboratory for innovation using data science, technology, and design to create impactful tools highlighting critical social issues around the world.

Aligning ourselves with an organization that shares our purpose of mending the narrative, and powered by people and their vision for change, we at will be contributing 5% of all net proceeds to Visualizing Impact

VI, a registered non-profit in Canada, Lebanon, and the United States, has worked to build a community that shares its interest in the use of powerful and informative visual designs for social justice communication. Covering issues ranging from income inequality and youth unemployment, to online censorship and hunger strikes, VI is a prevailing voice for change.

Garnering widespread attention, VI’s work has been featured on The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and The Guardian Data Blog, to name a few. It has also been used by university professors, student organizations, and grassroots campaigns, and appeared on subway billboards, in books, and international exhibitions.

Most notably, VI is known for its first portfolio, Visualizing Palestine (VP). VP creates data-driven tools to promote a factual, rights-based narrative of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Designing visuals covering political and humanitarian issues, including land appropriation, Israel’s discriminatory ID and transport system, and child prisoners, VP uses effective designs to bring international awareness and focus to the ongoing Palestinian crisis. They consist of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, designers, technologists, and communications specialists working closely with civil society actors to emphasize their impact and promote justice and equality.

Our philosophy at is to create a platform and a space for artists to come together and illuminate, portray, and curate a different story of Western Asia. Together with VI, we advocate for change. We are proponents of justice and equality, and of raising awareness to issues that matter. Through the use of visual art and design, our aim is to unravel the hopeful version of the story, and hopefully, a more peaceful ending.