Ramallah-Al Bireh رام الله-البيرة

Ramallah-Al Bireh رام الله-البيرة


This limited edition 3-dimensional topographic relief captures Ramallah-Al Bireh and its immediate surroundings circa 1947, including topographic features, built up areas, roads and railways.

The relief is CNC cut from high quality birch plywood based on British Mandate maps of Palestine from 1947 and digital topographic data from NASA. The relief is made up of two pieces, each measuring 25cm by 25cm in plan and varying in height.

Each piece is hand finished, engraved with its unique piece name and edition number and signed by the artists, and includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

All funds received through the sales of the artworks go directly to Visualizing Palestine, the primary project of Visualizing Impact. VI is registered as a non-profit corporation in Canada and in Lebanon, and as a 501c3 via fiscal sponsorship in the USA.

  • 3 of 5 editions available.

  • All amounts on this website are in USD.

  • Artworks are produced per order. Please allow up to 4 months for delivery.

  • This artwork ships globally and free of charge.

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About “A National Monument”

“A National Monument” is a limited edition series of 21 wooden topographic reliefs created by Visualizing Palestine and artist Marwan Rechmaoui. Inspired by a series of highly detailed maps of Palestine from the British Mandate period, the works recreate a 3-dimensional snapshot of the major Palestinian cities and towns circa 1947, based on the final British surveys before the Nakba combined with digital elevation data from NASA.

The title of the work, “A National Monument”, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the words of J. F. Salmon, director of the Survey of Palestine (1933-38), who once wrote: "A good topographical survey should be looked upon as a national monument of the first importance." Words that take on new meanings in light of the dramatic transformation of the territory over the past seven decades.

All net proceeds from the sale of these works will go to support the work of Visualizing Palestine.

About Visualizing Palestine

Launched in 2012 as the first project of Visualizing Impact, Visualizing Palestine seeks to harness data-driven visual media—including infographics, animations and interactive experiences—to advance a factual, rights-based narrative on Palestine and Palestinians. The VP team includes researchers, designers, developers and storytellers working across Western Asia, North Africa, Europe and North America.

VP works in partnership with organisations and individuals from across civil society. Its infographics have been used and exhibited 'offline' by activists, educators, cultural workers and institutions in over 400 cities and 65 countries around the world. VP’s work has received international awards from organisations including Ars Electronica and Deutsche Welle, and has been widely published, including in the 2017 edition of The Design of Dissent by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic.

About Marwan Rechmaoui

In his work Marwan Rechmaoui derives inspiration from the geography and complex multi-cultural history of Beirut, reflecting on themes of urbanization and contemporary social and behavioral demographics. In lieu of mapping urban spaces, the artist does not view the city according to typical urban planning standards, instead he points to socio-political affiliations and etymological histories from each community.

His works are in the collections of Tate Modern, London; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Guggenheim Abu Dhabi; The Sharjah Art Foundation; among other major private and public collections. He is also the recipient of the 2019 Bonnefanten Award for Contemporary Art. “A National Monument” is a first collaboration between Visualizing Palestine and Marwan Rechmaoui.