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Oroubah Dieb: A Syrian Artist's Stunning Collages Capture Her Hope For a Displaced Population
Syrian sculptor and painter Oroubah Dieb recounts the moving tale of her displacement from Syria and how she uses her work as a way of raising awareness for those less fortunate. “My art is incredibly personal in its topics. Before the uprising in Syria, I portrayed social subjects like maternity, love, and dancing. Nowadays, a lot of my art embodies the experience of living in exile that refugees are forced to face. My paintings depict the dramatic situations that are borne of population displacement and migration”.
The Art of Hammoud Chantout (In His Own Words)

We caught up with one of our most celebrated painters, Hammoud Chantout to ask him about his artistic journey. Hammoud ended up sharing surprising anecdotes from his childhood, recounts of his first attempts at breathing life into the images in his mind, and an insightful dive into the language of his paintbrush.

Learn more about Hammoud Chantout in this exclusive expose.

Interview Replay: Fan Bel Arabi x Marsoum x Qahtan Alameen talk about "Comfort In Chaos"
Qahtan Alameen and the Marsoum Art Collective launched Qahtan’s first virtual exhibition “Comfort In Chaos” in early November 2020. On December 1, 2020 our founder Abdulah went live with our latest cultural partner, Yafa Gowaily of Fan Bel Arabi (فن بالعربي من كندا / Arab Art Canada) to talk about the Marsoum Art Collective’s projects and Qahtan’s ongoing exhibition in specific. Watch the full replay here.
Unveiling THE CAT PROJECT, A Virtual Exhibition by Mohammed Afefa with Dar Al-Anda
Play the recording of our first-ever livestream and learn about how this groundbreaking virtual vernissage came to be. In an online event that was the first of its kind in Jordan, Palestinian-Jordanian cartoonist and painter, Mohammed Afefa, revealed a new collection that is being exhibited exclusively online in collaboration with our primary cultural partner, Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery in Amman, Jordan.
Visualizing Palestine & Marwan Rechmaoui's "A National Monument" In The Press

The inaugural run of A National Monument by Visualizing Palestine and Marwan Rechmaoui has garnered media coverage by the likes of Al-Monitor and The National U.A.E. Go behind the scenes, in the artist’s studio, and beyond in this selection of insightful éxposés.

Video & Transcript: An Interview with Mouneer Al-Shaarani in Beirut, 2014
Mouneer Al-Shaarani talks to Lebanon's Mustaqbal TV. Excerpt: "My life’s work has a purpose that goes far beyond creating beautiful artworks. My is goal  to bring Arabic calligraphy back to basics, to honor its origins and keep it true to its essence while applying a contemporary lens to it."
Video: An Interview with Bente Christensen-Ernst (2011)
Marsoum Art Collective presents an exclusive interview with Danish painter Bente Christensen-Ernst in Beirut on Lebanon's Mustaqbal TV in 2011 to coincide with her first exhibition in Lebanon. English subtitles by (2018). 
"Realisme Orientale": The Universe of Bente Christensen-Ernst by Tom Jørgensen

Author and art critic Tom Jørgensen dives into the Universe of Bente Christensen-Ernst. Excerpt: "When looking at the art of Bente Christensen-Ernst one is not left in doubt. Although being a Danish citizen, her realism is the southern type. She is an "Easternised" Scandinavian. And this is meant as a compliment."

In The Press: Ghadeer Saeed's Online Exhibition "Violet" in The Jordan Times
Saeed’s creations in “Violet” offer a complex picture made of layers of influences that encompass iconic Oriental figures, global images and old photographs, eventually reflecting the richness she accumulated throughout her personal travelling experience. 
Art For A Cause: Marsoum Partners With Visualizing Palestine
We are proud to announce our new partnership with Visualizing Impact (Visualizing Palestine), a laboratory for innovation using data science, technology, and design to create impactful tools highlighting critical social issues around the world. 
Introducing: Bente Christensen-Ernst by Art Historian Paula Domzalski MA
Bente Christensen-Ernst does not invite us into her world meekly. Her hyper-realist, in-your-face images defy any guessing- games or sense of ambiguity. They command attention and will not be overlooked. Party to a present-day world of very speedy image-consumption, the onlookerdelights in the gratification of instant recognisability. One glance and we’ve passed the threshold into a mimetic world.

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