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A Quick Coffee Chat with Bente Christensen-Ernst
This quick coffee chat with Danish Painter Bente Christensen-Ernst captures so much in such little time. In this rapid interview, Bente shares some little-known facts about her start as an artist, as well as her aspirations and some of her proudest moments as an artist.
Arab Art From a Woman’s Perspective: Changing the Narrative and Redefining Art
In celebration of Women's History Month, we have profiled five groundbreaking women that have redefined what it means to be an artist. Using their emotions and unique life experiences to drive stories from around the world, these five female storytellers chose art as their platform to shed a spotlight on tales of hope and social justice. Learn more about Eman Haram, Heba Al Akkad, Ghadeer Saeed, Oroubah Dieb and Bente Christensen-Ernst.
Video: An Interview with Bente Christensen-Ernst (2011)
Marsoum Art Collective presents an exclusive interview with Danish painter Bente Christensen-Ernst in Beirut on Lebanon's Mustaqbal TV in 2011 to coincide with her first exhibition in Lebanon. English subtitles by (2018). 
"Realisme Orientale": The Universe of Bente Christensen-Ernst by Tom Jørgensen

Author and art critic Tom Jørgensen dives into the Universe of Bente Christensen-Ernst. Excerpt: "When looking at the art of Bente Christensen-Ernst one is not left in doubt. Although being a Danish citizen, her realism is the southern type. She is an "Easternised" Scandinavian. And this is meant as a compliment."

Introducing: Bente Christensen-Ernst by Art Historian Paula Domzalski MA
Bente Christensen-Ernst does not invite us into her world meekly. Her hyper-realist, in-your-face images defy any guessing- games or sense of ambiguity. They command attention and will not be overlooked. Party to a present-day world of very speedy image-consumption, the onlookerdelights in the gratification of instant recognisability. One glance and we’ve passed the threshold into a mimetic world.

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